Fall 2017 Training Season Starts Saturday July 8th

It’s time again for the Sunday Long Run to begin, and once again we’re already altering the plan. This Saturday night is the Melrose Running Club Summer Party, so the Sunday Long Run will move to Saturday Morning this week.

How this works:
(1) Respond here with your intention to attend the run. I use this blog to identify how many runners to prepare for. If you don’t let me know you’re coming there may not be enough supplies for all the runners. It’s easy, press comment, type “IFTF” if you’re in for the full route, or “IFTH” if you’re in for the half route.
(2) Show up at Brueggers before 8AM. They graciously allow us to meet there in the morning, but be sure to respect their business. Stay out of the area that their customers line up in. Be quick and clean in the bathrooms. Keep your voices down, you have many miles to talk during, don’t raise your voices over each other in the store. If you can’t stay quiet, head out to the sidewalk in front of the store.
(3) If you’re running long you need to donate $2 per week towards supplies. If you’re running the shorter route donate $1. If you don’t feel like donating, please do not take any supplies at the water stop. There will be water, Gatorade, and Powerade at the water stops. There will also be some candy at the stop. If you require anything else at the water stops, bring it to Brueggers and we’ll bring it to the water stop.
(4) Review the route. There is a map to the right for each route we’ll run. Review it, memorize it, print it out if you need. Staying on course is your responsibility. If you wander off I will not find you, because you’re lost.
(5) Let the water stop crew know your plan. If you’re not running the whole route we should be aware, otherwise we will stand around for hours waiting for you to come through the stop. If you change your plan during the run, let us know.
(6) Enjoy your run, then relax at Brueggers afterwards. Bringing outside beverages and food into their business is frowned upon. Please consider returning their kindness for letting us meet there by patronizing their business.

Many locals are planning to make their way to the Windy City for a fall marathon so I expect a good sized crowd on Saturday. The Week 1 route starts out up Main Street, past Ell Pond, bearing right onto Green Street, and turning right at the traffic lights onto the LynnFells Parkway. Follow the LynnFells to a set of lights, turning left on Main Street in Saugus. If you’re running short you’ll quickly turn left on Howard Street, and continue to Green Street where you’ll turn left. Green will merge onto Main Street and you’ll finish at Brueggers. Long runners continue on Main Street in Saugus as it becomes Farm Street in Wakefield. There will be a water stop at Wakefield High School, on your right. After the stop you’ll continue on Farm Street to the end, where you will turn left on Water Street. Continue to Wakefield Center and turn left on Main Street. Follow Main Street back to Melrose Center to finish at Brueggers.

Ok, who’s in? Roll Call!

29 Responses to “Fall 2017 Training Season Starts Saturday July 8th”

  1. David Penn says:

    Looking forward to weekend long runs!

  2. Amy Giuliano says:

    IFTF! Thank you, thank you!!

  3. Liz says:

    Iftf thanks Jim

  4. Mike Hartin says:

    IFTF, Thanks JC! – The Moke’s

  5. Thuy Dang says:

    iftf, ty

  6. Brendan says:


  7. Jen Bresnahan says:

    Back at it! Me, Jen Dodge, Bethany and Andy P are in for the full. See you Saturday!

  8. Mary O'Connell says:

    In for full. Thank you!

  9. Rowena Hakkaoui says:

    IFTF. Thank you!

  10. Heather Lane says:

    Full please! Thank you, Jim!

  11. Paul Bouchard says:

    IFTF Thank you!

  12. Christina DiCalogero says:

    Jess and I are in for the full. Thank you!

  13. Erin Dirks says:

    Oscar and I are both IFTF

  14. Judi Chiavetta says:


  15. Duncan Locke says:


  16. Dan Slattery says:

    In for the full 🙂

  17. Jessi Marquardt says:

    IFTF!!! WOO HOO!!!

  18. Sheree Wheeler says:

    Iftf. What time??

  19. Annmarie O'Connor says:

    In for full long run

  20. Marlene McGunigle says:

    I’m in for the full

  21. Jim says:

    Run starts at 8:00am. Be there prior to that!

  22. Brendan LeFebvre says:


  23. Diana Mirabello says:


  24. Alice says:

    IFTF! Thanks!!!

  25. John Bradley says:


  26. Paul Whitelam says:

    IFTF, thanks Jim

  27. Stanley LeFave says:

    Myself and Ray In for the full thanks

  28. Erin Dirks says:

    Oscar and I are IFTF

  29. Lynda Field says:

    IFTH thank you !!!!!!

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