2019 Boston Training Run – Planning

It’s time to plan the Boston Course Run which will be on March 24th this year. For those new to it, or those that have forgotten, three weeks prior to Boston we leave Brueggers at 7AM, carpool out to Hopkinton, people get out and run, others move cars from water stop to water stop along the whole course, and in the end we all wind up at Boston College around lunch time. After that we head back to Melrose and maybe we have lunch. To make this all happen without a hitch everyone must follow my elaborate plans.

(1) Cars? I have a handful of drivers already volunteering, and each of them has a car. As runners sign up we’ll need a seat in a car for each of them. Most cars fit four comfortably, so if you have a car with many seats and don’t mind someone else driving it, we could borrow it. If you are running the full or close to it, you can’t drive the course (you’ll be running and your car won’t magically appear at the finish). If you volunteer your car be prepared for it to be in use between 7AM and 2PM.

(2) Drivers? Again, note that its very difficult to run and drive at the same time. I know you all can drive from Melrose to Hopkinton, I’m more interested in who can drive the car along the race course from Hopkinton to BC. People who want to run only half of the course can switch in Wellesley and drive the other half… if they have someone that can drive the other half. If you’re driving be prepared to be needed between 7AM and 2PM.

(3) Runners? I assume somewhere between 1 and 50 people which makes it hard to plan. Let me know you’re running by THIS WEDNESDAY, last minute additions are not easy and frankly make me very angry. If you don’t let me know by Wednesday I probably won’t have a seat for you. Also let me know how far you plan on running (full or half, of somewhere in between). If you’re running the half indicate a preference of first half (flat to downhill) or second half (flat to hilly). I’ll try to fit you in to your preferred part of the run. Again, if you’re running just a bit of the run still be prepared to be with us from 7AM to 2PM.

(4) Buts? If you have a special case (I want to run but I need to….) consider the impact on everyone else before you ask. This isn’t simple to plan and the equation gets more difficult with each request. I’ll do my best to make things work but not all variations can be accommodated.

OK, who wants in? Again I have to know you’re coming to have a seat in a car for you.

What I have so far:

4 Lois Parker Carmona
4 Tom Gorman
4 Audrey Paradis
4 Hank Murphy / Lee Romprey
4 Liz Tassinari
5 Sheree Wheeler
4 Brian Walfield
22 Seats for Runners

Full Runners
1 Nicole Jacob
2 Matt Kerton
3 Marian Sales
4 Marianne Chmielewski
5 Jessi Marquardt
6 Freddi Triback
7 Jeff Rushton
8 Judi Chiavetta
9 Dan Slattery
10 Thuy Dang
11 Chris Hancock
12 Audrey Recupero
13 Regina Curran
14 Julie Smith Galvin
15 Bob Cosman
16 Andy Nagelin
17 AJ

Half Runners
18 Yvonne Liu-Constant
19 Michele DeAngelo (2)
20 Marty Hergert (1)
21 Mary O’Connell (1)
22 Sarah Pilcher

Right now things just fit, please no last minute additions!
Tomorrow I’ll put together the detailed plan together, but please confirm your inputs.

15 Responses to “2019 Boston Training Run – Planning”

  1. Yvonne Liu-Constant says:

    I would like to run half, either half is fine. I can’t be trusted driving, but would be more than happy helping with water stops or anything else.

  2. Thuy Dang says:

    Full please…thanks Jim and drivers!

  3. Chris Hancock says:

    Full for me please and thanks.

  4. Michele DeAngelo says:

    Hi Jim,
    I would like to do the second half or somewhere close to it.

    Thanks to you and all the wonderful volunteers.. would not be possibly without all of you…

  5. Audrey Recupero says:

    In for the full- thank you!

  6. Marty Hergert says:

    Run First Half. Need a seat to and from. Can drive someone else’s car for the second half.

  7. Mary O’Connell says:

    In for Half. I can drive if you need me to. I want to be able to run with my squad (Thuy, Regina and Julie). Thanks Jim!!

  8. Hi Jim

    Julie and I are in for the full please. Thank you for all you do.


  9. Bob Cosman says:

    I would like to run the full if you have room for me.

  10. Lee Romprey says:

    You can put me down as a driver. I’ll sneak in some mileage as well. Thank you.

  11. Andy Nagelin says:

    I’m in for the full, but may end up running less.

  12. Sarah Pilcher says:

    I am very sorry for the last minute request! If there is still a spot open I’d love run either half. Thanks you arranging this!

  13. Michele DeAngelo says:

    I’m still in????????????????????

  14. Michele DeAngelo says:

    Don’t know how all the ? Got on that previous message..
    I’m in

  15. Brian Walfield says:

    Freddi is in for the full and I’m good to drive. Thank you!!!

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