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Week -2 : Before We Begin

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

On July 10th we’ll be starting up another season of the Sunday Long Run. Before we begin, let’s enjoy the fruits of your labor through last winter and spring with a Sunday Long Run brunch. I know its short notice, but since mid-April there seemed to be a marathon, a birthday, or a holiday every Sunday. So this Sunday looks like a free one, and Kristen Dorsky would like to invite you to her home in Lynnfield for the 2016 SLR brunch. If you ran a few weeks with us this past season, no matter if you beat your PR, just beat the heat on race day, or even ended up in a boot, you’re invited. It will be a pot luck brunch, so please post your RSVP here along with what you plan on bringing. Kristen will fill you in on the rest of the details but I believe the plan is her house at 10AM, Sunday June 26th.

Who’s in for some Sunday Long Brunchin’?