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Week 13 – Tapering for Boston (on Saturday)

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

First I would like to say I’ve written most of a lengthy recap of last week’s run, I just haven’t had time to finish it up and post it. Thanks again to all that helped with water stops: Barry, Liz, and Nate especially. I hope you enjoyed your day on the course, we definitely appreciated your support throughout the run. The run itself went just as I expected it to. Tremendous performances by everyone, no matter what you did you showed a lot of determination to get through your miles.

This week’s run will be Swain’s Pond and Farm St. Starting out similar to the run to Breakheart a few weeks ago. I had wanted to do a Horn Pond run instead, but considering the amount of flooding in the Winchester area, I’m not sure we can get through that area dry. If anyone has traveled the roads through there in the past day or so let me know if they are still wet. If not we may still change the route.

Due to Easter the run will be on Saturday! I’ll be in my PJs eating candy at 8AM on Sunday. So with that, we only have today to plan. There are three water stops. I’m not sure who’ll be helping me so post here if you want to do a stop.

Also post here if you’re coming. It’s roll call time! Who’s in for SATURDAY, 8AM!