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Week 2 – Let’s get serious!

Friday, January 15th, 2010

We started with Week 0, a snowy escapade through Saugus challenging every step of the 8.8 miles. We progressed to Week 1, rerouted due to icy snow at Breakheart we instead did a frigid march up and around Lake Quannapowitt. Both weeks tested the resolve of even the most die-hard Sunday Runner. Hopefully things change a bit for Week 2.

What’s in store? The old Melrose Half Marathon! As temperatures strain to stay above freezing for the first time in 2010, we should be able to get our run in before the next winter storm stops by. The footing should be better and the challenge should be the actual run rather than surviving the conditions. There will be plenty of hills along the way, two water stops to keep us hydrated, and 12.5 miles to get us back in shape!

The water stops will be located on Highland Ave by the Flynn Rink rotary, right by the Mobil Station. You’ll break there at about 3.5 miles and if you’re running the full route again around 8.5 miles. The shorter 7.1 route runners will join us for the first stop before heading over to Pond St and back to Melrose.  Not ready for those distances? A five mile run more your style? Volunteer to man the first water stop, meet us there with the supplies and run a loop of Spot Pond with the long route runners back to your car! If anyone wants to do that, let me know before I ask for other volunteers to set it up.

Who’s coming? Sunday! 8AM! Roll Call!!! (if enough people show up I’ll actually write a recap this week)

Week 1 – Saturday Edition

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Due to the Melrose Running Club Year End Gala (Saturday Night at 7PM at the Knights of Columbus) we’ll be doing our Sunday Long Run on Saturday this week (Brueggers 8AM Saturday Morning).

Due to the early arrival of ice and snow we’ll be forced to skip our first trip to Breakheart this year. I know you were looking forward to those hills, but instead you get a little longer, much flatter run. This week we’ll be heading to Lake Quannapowitt instead. I’ll try to get a map together tonight (although I’m also trying to get a video together for the party) but in case I don’t refer to the Week 3 map. The only difference we’ll have is instead of completely circling the lake, we’ll shorten it just a bit by returning to the water stop via North Ave. If you’ve done the Sunday Runs before you know what to do… if you don’t ask someone who does.

The water stops… BarryP are you up for a Saturday Morning visit to Melrose? If so, Jen, just bring the supplies to Brueggers (if you’re coming) and we’ll add to the bucket and give it to Barry. If that plan falls through I’ll need a volunteer to drop their car out there. Anyone?

That’s all I’ve got for now. ROLL CALL, who’s in?!