16 Miles

This week’s route will be a re-do of the rain soaked run from week 10, a long run we can handle with one water stop. Here’s the catch though… I don’t think I can make it, my son has a 9:00 baseball game. So post here if you’re in, so I know we have at least 2 people running, and post here if you can support the water stop.

9 Responses to “16 Miles”

  1. Nancy says:

    I plan to run, but not the whole thing. I can do water support too.

  2. Sue Clough says:

    I’m in for around 10-12 miles or so

  3. Ginny Rowe says:

    Around 10+ for me this week, too.

  4. Dorota Bulik says:

    Likewise, up for 10+.

  5. Rachelle Horwitz says:

    I’m in for 10+ as well. I can also do a water stop.

  6. Andrew Pate says:

    in for the full 16

  7. Barry Cossette says:

    I cannot join you all this weekend. I was hoping to take care of the water stop for everyone but unfortunately I cannot. I hope everyone has a great run!

  8. Sue Clough says:

    No problem Barry…I have the water stop stuff and will start and end there. I’ll be there by 8:30

  9. Dan Slattery says:

    I’m in for 16 -see you in the am!

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