Posted by Mark Rosenblum on February 01, 2020 at 11:10:

There is a message today when trying to go to stating that the website (which was run by Active) is no longer and going forward, results will be at a new website:

If you go to, there is a detailed FAQ explaining the reason for the change.

Of key interest for runners is that the new site won't have the historical results which were on Cool Running, but may be retrievable by contacting Support. From the FAQ:

Q. Will my Cool Running results be available through my new ACTIVE account?

A. Unfortunately, historical event results could not be migrated to ACTIVE Results. If you would like to access data previously available on Cool Running, please contact support with the subject line ‘Cool Running Data Request’ and provide an event name, state, and year. We will do our best to provide an archived HTML copy of the results pages that were previously hosted on Cool Running.

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