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Melrose YMCA Spooky Sprint 5K 2017

Sunday, October 29th, 2017

The Melrose YMCA Spooky Sprint has been a popular race with Melrose Running Club members for years.

It starts across the street from where the club meets and many runners come out for the 5K run with their kids.

This year the MRC had 38 runners, which may be an all time high.

MRC at the Melrose YMCA Spooky Sprint

Melrose Running Club, Spooky SprintThe top Melrose Running Club finisher was Charlotte Tysall at 18:52! She was the second place women’s finisher over all, and came in 9th place over all.

Nicola Tysall came in first in her age group at 24:08! Nicola ran with her mother who also came in at 24:08.

Kate Sikkema came in second in her age group at 24:54, but she had her dad Mike to hold her back! After the race Mike said that Kate had improved her finish by more than a minute over last year’s finish.

Kate Sikkema, Mike SikkemaCynthia Berger came in second in her age group at 24:11 and Judy Dolan placed second in her age group at 29:47.

Ed Bradford came in first in his age group at 19:10! Ed was the top men’s finisher for the MRC and came  in 11th place over all.

Running Melrose YMCA Spooky Sprint

Many of us have run this course many times, but it is still challenging. The race starts on East Foster Street next to the YMCA. All the way up Foster it is up hill until we turn right onto Lebanon Street.

Ed Bradford, Melrose YMCA Spooky Sprint

Lebanon rolls a little bit and then goes down hill as we approach the right onto Sylvan Street. Sylvan has another hill and then we run through the gravel parking lot behind the ball fields and track.

When I first started running on the gravel it felt odd and it seemed difficult to solidly land my feet. About half way across the parking lot it suddenly felt natural.

At the end of the lot we ran across the wet grass to Woodside Road. Woodside winds behind the care takers home and has a bit more hill. On this road at about 1.6 miles they had the water stop. It was a cool day and few people seemed to be stopping.

We ran Woodside out to Main Street and took a right. The road seemed closed or at least patrolled, so some of us ran on the side of the street.

As we approached the intersection with Sylvan Street I remembered that this race had a few turns before the finish.

There were police at the Sylvan and Wyoming Street intersections. The smaller streets were not controlled. As we approached Grove Street it became apparent the the street was open to traffic and many people ran on the sidewalk.

The crowd of runners was pretty thin as we ran up Grove. At the corner of Dell Ave we took a left and a small crowd cheered us on. I could hear someone close behind me on Dell Ave so I kept pushing.

As we turned left onto Foster I heard steps getting closer. I kept pushing but three or four people younger than I passed by quickly.

I had a good run and felt comfortable and in control the entire race.

Melrose YMCA Spooky Sprint 5K 2017People were hanging out after the race. I quickly headed for the donut table and picked up half of a chocolate glazed donut. It’s better to grab a donut from the back of the rack and before the kids get there!

I watched one little boy touch three or four donuts like he was buying fruit. He settled on the fifth half jelly donut he touched, which looked just like the other four. But what do I know?

These cup cakes looked really good. But I had a donut and was able to resist.

There are a lot of photos on Facebook. The photos posted here are from Rob Busby and the YMCA’s photographer.

Full Results


Mary O’Donnell 5K

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

The MRC Racing Series continued on Sunday, August 13th with the Mary O’Donnell 5K.

Many MRC runners were running the Sunday Long Run and could not make the race. When the race began at 9 AM, it was already getting hot in Melrose.

Mary O’Donnel 5K and MRC Runners

Melrose Racing SeriesEven with the heat and other races and long runs, The MRC fielded 10 runners for the race.

The Tysall family had a great showing with four family members participating. Charlotte Tysall was the first MRC runner to cross the finish line at 21:26 for a first place age group finish!

Nicola Tysall finished 48th at 23:57, Lisa Tysall finished in 25:59 for a 3rd place age-group finish. Simon Tysall placed second in his age group at 29:46.

Complete Results

Our next race is The Lone Gull 10K on September 24th in Gloucester.  This is a large 10K with about 1,000 runners. Age group awards are 5 deep! This has been a popular race with MRC runners for many years. Make sure to car pool!

Also in September we have the Hallmark Health Stride for Healthy Communities 5K in Wakefield. The Melrose Running Club is a partner sponsor for this race. So not only do we hope that you register for this race, but that you volunteer some time to help out.

It is a Saturday race so all of the Sunday Long Run runners can also participate.  All children 12 and under will receive a finisher’s medal!

Just like our club races, there are many opportunities to volunteer that only require an hour or two of your time. With some assignments you can even volunteer and run.

Proceeds from this race go right back into our communities to teach high school students CPR, for example.

Run well my Friends!