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100 Mile Club Update

Sunday, June 28th, 2020

Since early March when we went into CORONA Quarantine all races have either gone virtual or been cancelled.

Since no end appears in site, the Board changed the rules for the 100 Mile Club for 2020.

In order to allow people to maintain their 100 Mile Running Club streak, for 2020 we will have a Virtual 100 Mile Club.

Miles from any ground races will count. So you won’t loose what you had.

2020 Virtual 100 Mile Club Rules

In order for a virtual race to count towards the 100 Mile Club, it needs to meet the following criteria:

  • You have to register for the race and pay a registration fee or make a donation of at least $25.00.
  • The race organizer has to post finish times somewhere online.
  • Once your time is posted, you need to send the link to the results to Thuy Dang.
  • The race must be part of the MRC Racing Series.

Enhanced Racing Series Schedule

To enable you to run 100 miles through Race Series races we will be enhancing the Race Series schedule.

We are currently expanding the schedule. We will be adding the Baystate Marathon and Half and the Boston Marathon. Each month will have at least one half marathon.

You will have the opportunity to run races you normally might not be able to because they are too far away, or sell out too quickly. IE, The Falmouth Road Race and Juneau Marathon and Half Marathon!

If you decide that virtual races are not for you, sitting out 2020 will not disrupt your running club streak. We will pick up where we left off in 2021.

Race dates listed are the last date that you can report your results to the race organizer. Some races give you two weeks to run and report your results, some have a specific date to get ‘er done!

It is up to you to register for races that are part of the MRC Racing Series, run the races and report your results to the race AND to Thuy.

Stay tuned for updates, get out there and have a good time and let The Board know if you have questions.

Run well my Friends,