Virtual Really?

May 13th, 2020

Every time I see another email announcing that another race has gone virtual, I say really?

I completely understand why. I may not be an epidemiologist and my last bio course was in high school. But I get it, I just don’t like it.

I haven’t seen an email regarding the Melrose Firefighter’s 5K, but I’ll assume that it has been cancelled or has gone virtual. This late in the game, I’ll assume it has vaporized.

Regina Curran suggested the Stepping Stones for Stella 5K and 10K virtual race for June. Yvonne Liu-Constant thought it was a good idea also.

Stepping Stones for Stella, Virtual 5K

The races are managed by High5Em, the same folks who managed our wildly successful Cinco de Mayo QuaranTeam virtual races.

We have a team for this race and the pass word is 02176. High5Em will be posting results like any other race and Jim and Lois will find you.

Jim has agreed to count these virtual races towards our 100 mile club. So please be honest and accurate as possible. High5Em will tally your time for this race based on the GPS details you provide to them.

Virtual race will not count for PRs or racing points. You only get Racing Series points.

For this race you will receive 1 point for the 5K and 2 points for the 10K. No double dipping and no points for the 1 miler. You only get points for one race. Please do not run or report both races to High5Em as it will mess up the system.

High5Em would be happy to get two donations from you, Jim will not be happy to get two race results for you!

Your finish time will be what you report to High5Em and you will have until 8 pm on June 21st to report your results. Please don’t send in your results from a run tomorrow. Wait until at least June 20th.

The rules are very similar to the Cinco de Mayo races: post your results with some sort of tracking verification and run close to 5K or 10K. And post by 8 PM on June 21st. Just no teams this time.

Registration is FREE but please make a contribution to Stepping Stones For Stella.

As far as points for the series, I need to put new batteries in my calculator.

While every day may seem the same, this series is constantly evolving!

Run well my Friends, we will meet again!


Shelter in Race Virtual 5K & Half

April 14th, 2020
Melrose Racing Series

We decided to incorporate Dan’s idea for Marathon Weekend Virtual Races into the MRC Racing Series.

I dare you to find a real life race in America this weekend!

Totally ripped off from Dan’s Facebook post:

Here’s the plan:

On April 18th, 19th, or Patriot’s Day the 20th, what would normally be the weekend of Boston Marathon 2020, all interested participants can either run a half or 5K (you can opt for another distance, but it won’t be part of the “contest” chaired by Lois, Jim, and myself with input from all).

You provide your own food and water stops. And you’ll submit your results and selfie by that following Tuesday (4/21).

You see, here’s the deal man.

Where and what time? – Totally up to you.

Two ideas include the Old Melrose Half that Jim has outlined on the SLR or a bike trail. Trails in the woods can work too. Jim’s Melrose Half is actually 14.6, so don’t be fooled!

And just like a Sunday long Run, if you get lost ain’t no body coming looking for you!

For the 5K, take your pick of favorite runs, just make sure to keep 5K distance between you and anyone else. Just kidding!

Suggested Fee: $50

You will get nothing for this – no t-shirt, no towel, no cheeseburger…..Instead, help those affected by the Coronavirus by buying (for example) a $50 gift card from a LOCAL MELROSE BUSINESS (Wood and Fire, Rising Eagle, Mexico Lindo, Buckalew’s for example.

NO CHAINS, please keep it locally owned. The businesses open will likely be less than normal, though check on-line as well).You can use this gift card yourself, OR donate to the workers directly helping our neighbors & loved ones during this pandemic – it’s up to you.

2 thoughts are Hallmark Health Systems (Melrose Wakefield Hospital) or a Melrose Assisted Living facility. If you choose Hallmark Health Systems, then email Rose @ OR drop at 888 Main St., Wakefield (NOT the hospital) with your name/info & Attn: Rose Fisher – she’ll distribute to the caregivers. Thank you!

Submission/ Results

Post to the MRC Facebook Page and include where, when, a route map or description, selfie, time, gift card/donation, and perhaps your personal medal. Have a little fun with it.

We might even “award” winners in different categories: Most Rural, Furthest from Melrose, Most Urban, Highest Elevation, Safest (most isolated), etc.!

Please note

This is not an MRC sanctioned event, so limit your gatherings, practice responsible social distancing and stay healthy and safe!

The Points Count This Time

Unlike “Who’s Line is it Anyway” the points do count this time towards the MRC Racing Series.

For the Virtual-ly Insane Half you will get 5 points.

For the Keep Your Distance 5K you will get 2 points. A little added bonus for everyone since we missed the Gold Star Honor Run 10K.

You can run both races this weekend and get seven points! If you run 16.2 miles on one day, I’ll give you the seven points, you deserve them! Not sure if Jim, Lois and Dan will count them as both races, but I will.

While these are virtual races I’m checking to see if we can count the miles towards the 100 mile club. No guarantees, but it was worth asking. Otherwise, we will all be running half marathons each weekend in November and December.

I hope you all get a chance to at least run a 5K this weekend. Knowing that you are doing something good for someone else will make it easier to get out the door and should keep that silly grin on your face for the entire run!