Mary O’Donnell 5K

August 19th, 2017

The MRC Racing Series continued on Sunday, August 13th with the Mary O’Donnell 5K.

Many MRC runners were running the Sunday Long Run and could not make the race. When the race began at 9 AM, it was already getting hot in Melrose.

Mary O’Donnel 5K and MRC Runners

Melrose Racing SeriesEven with the heat and other races and long runs, The MRC fielded 10 runners for the race.

The Tysall family had a great showing with four family members participating. Charlotte Tysall was the first MRC runner to cross the finish line at 21:26 for a first place age group finish!

Nicola Tysall finished 48th at 23:57, Lisa Tysall finished in 25:59 for a 3rd place age-group finish. Simon Tysall placed second in his age group at 29:46.

Complete Results

Our next race is The Lone Gull 10K on September 24th in Gloucester.  This is a large 10K with about 1,000 runners. Age group awards are 5 deep! This has been a popular race with MRC runners for many years. Make sure to car pool!

Also in September we have the Hallmark Health Stride for Healthy Communities 5K in Wakefield. The Melrose Running Club is a partner sponsor for this race. So not only do we hope that you register for this race, but that you volunteer some time to help out.

It is a Saturday race so all of the Sunday Long Run runners can also participate.  All children 12 and under will receive a finisher’s medal!

Just like our club races, there are many opportunities to volunteer that only require an hour or two of your time. With some assignments you can even volunteer and run.

Proceeds from this race go right back into our communities to teach high school students CPR, for example.

Run well my Friends!


Jennifer Tinney Road Races

July 5th, 2017

What a great day for racing!

Melrose runners participated in ten races over the holiday weekend and eight races on the Fourth of July. There may have been more races, but I can only see 10 races on the MRC web site.

Four runners ran two races on The 4th of July: Matt Kerton, Andrea Kerton, Gail Severt and Andy Brown. I’ve done that twice before, and it’s not easy. From their times it looked like they were able to get to their second race, no problem.

Jennifer Tinney Road Races

I wasn’t sure how many people would drive to East Boxford Village to run a 5K or 5 mile race. When I got there I was pleasantly surprised to see so many purple singlets! Four people ran the 5K and nine people ran the 5 miler.

We are missing Rebecca Hughes, one of our recent Walk-to-Run graduates. A Walk-to-Run grad ran a 5K right after finishing her training! How cool is that!

And Mike Sikkema won the whole enchilada! He received a medal for winning his age group, and a gift card for winning the race.  Lots of other medals for MRC runners. Jennifer Tinney Road Races, Melrose Running Club

I ran the Jennifer Tinney 5 Miler in 2013 and loved the whole scene up in Boxford. It’s a small town. The race is low key and it has more of an emphasis on family. I love a big race in Cambridge or Boston, but a change of pace is always a nice change of pace.

I’ll have a more complete blog post on Wednesday morning around 10AM. It will be on my FB page and the blog it self.

Off to the next race

Our next race is the Mary O’Donnell 5K at Pine Banks in Melrose. This is almost as convenient as the Firefighter’s Father’s Day 5K.

Registration is open, but I do not see a way  to make a club designation. This is their 2nd running of this race and I get the impression they are still learning how to do this.

This race raises funds for ALS. Over the weekend Lou Frates was in the hospital and it looks bleak to a non-professional. That being said, please consider this race a worthy cause to support with your running dollars.

I did ask about a discount for the club. We could get a $5.00 discount per runner if five or more of us signed up on a sheet of paper. The logistics of getting everyone and their checks together and not missing anyone were more than I was willing to take on.

In addition, I think the people looking for a cure for ALS need our $5.00 more than we do.

The Mary O’Donnell 5K is at 9AM on August 13th. The Sunday Long run will be 16.2 miles that day, and I cannot miss it. As such, I wont be able to run  this race.

I encourage everyone who is not doing the SLR program to sign up and head over to Pine Banks for a great run and to support a local 5K race.

Run well my Friends,