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2018 Malden Rotary Road Race

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

The Malden Rotary Road Race 5K and 10K are on Saturday March 24th. The 10K starts at 9:30 and the 5K starts at 10:00 AM.

Malden Rotary Road Race, Melrose Running Club Racing SeriesContrary to popular belief, the race is put on by The Rotary, you don’t have to run around one!

The 10K is $30 and the 5K is $25 plus minimal processing fees.

Be sure to register under Melrose Running Club and be sure to wear some purple! Group photos will be taken!

The race starts at Monsignor Foley Hall, (Chevrus School) Ferry Street, Malden, MA.

Right from the race flyer:

**5 km race/walk – flat course **10 km race- moderate hills
**Free Runners Swag Bags
**Awards Ceremony and Complimentary Brunch Immediately Following Race at the
Dockside Restaurant 229 Centre Street, Malden, MA 02148
** Proceeds Benefit Malden Rotary’s Community Service Projects

This is a local Saturday race and a nice warm up for the Sunday Long Runners  22 mile run from Hopkinton the next day.

Register HERE

2018 Melrose Racing Series Awards

Saturday, January 27th, 2018

Melrose Racing Series2017 was a bit of a test run for the MRC Racing Series. Many clubs have a Grand Prix or race series and many have had them for years. 2017 was our first year with an organized race series.

Some clubs have complex point systems and requirements that need to be met in order for your running to count.

Our series is designed to give everyone an equal chance to win the top prize. And we encourage our newest members to participate and enjoy the running experience.

Melrose Racing Series Awards

Ed Bradford, Melrose YMCA Spooky Sprint

Any member of the Melrose Running Club can run one of our races and get a point. You do not need to be in a photo or even wear a club shirt.

We strongly encourage you to wear a club shirt and hope to get everyone one in the group photo at the very least.

Our point system is very simple also: run a race, get a point. No multipliers or bonus points. You can come in last and get as many points as someone who places first overall.

This gives each club member an equal chance to win an award. We hope this simple and fair system encourages all of our new club members to participate in the series.

Often you can get a ride from another club member and all you have to do is run your race.

2017 Melrose Racing Series Awards

Stephanie Koh earned the most points in 2017. She ran a total of 6 out of 11 races. Her prize for 2017 is a free one-year club membership.

We had four people run five races and come in second place:

Derm Cahill
Stephanie Lawson
Andy Brown
Thuy Dang

They will get a club t-shirt.

I will update this post with more details soon.

2018 Melrose Racing Series Awards

The top prize for 2018 is a Melrose Running Club jacket. If you have seen these jackets you know that they are very nice, quality jackets.

To add a bit of a challenge to winning a jacket you have to do more than run more races than anyone else.

For 2018 there will be 14 races. There were just too many for me to keep it to twelve.

To win a jacket you must run 12 of the 14 races.

I know this is a challenge. I organized the races last year and even I couldn’t run them all.

Second place will be a club t-shirt and we still need to work on a 3rd place prize.

Last year the Twin Lights Half was cancelled, but we had two races in October so we still had twelve races.

If one of our scheduled races is cancelled I will add another race later in the year to make up for it.

Race Discounts

Occasionally I am able to get a discount for club members. Currently the Howling Wolf Half is only $40. I do not know how much longer this discount will be available, but for a half marathon this is a bargain.

When I get a discount I will post the code for you on the Melrose Running Club web site.

I hope everyone had fun last year and I hope to see you out there in 2018!

Run well my Friends!