Keep Your Shoes on Folks

It’s looking like we will be running virtual races for quite some time. I keep getting updates from races almost every day. Some are hopeful postponements, but most are facing reality and going right to virtual.

I hope you have had a chance to sign up for the Stepping Stones for Stella 5K or 10K. Melrose has 10 runners signed up so far.

They are even taking race day registrations, so you can sign up anytime between now and June 21st!

Registration is free but please make a donation if you are able to.

Stepping Stones for Stella, Virtual 5K

High5Em provides details on how to record and report your results.

The Jennifer Tinney 4th of July Road Races have gone virtual also. I have updated the links to the right so you can sign up anytime.

The 5 and 2.5 mile runs are $25 and the 1 mile run is $20. You will only get Racing Series points for one race, but you are welcome to run them all.

The 5 miler is worth 2 points, the 2.5 and 1 milers are worth 1 point.

The Melrose Wakefield Healthcare STRIDE FOR HEALTHY COMMUNITIES 5K RUN/WALK is still looking like a live event on August 12th.

The race is managed by the hospital and a group of nurses, so maybe they know something The Governor doesn’t?

This is a fun mid-week (Wednesday) run around our own Lake Q and the funds go to a good cause.

I know that virtual races aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but it’s alls we got!

I’m looking forward to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Island Run in September, but three months out is a light year these days.

I’ll continue to keep an eye on things and try to keep everyone up to date.

Looking forward to seeing you all someday,


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