2019 Racing Series Wrap Up

What a year for the Melrose Running Club Racing Series. 2019 was our third year and had the highest participation with 262 “runners.”

That number includes many people who ran multiple races, many new runners and our Racing Series winners.

Judy Dolan came in first place with 17 points. In addition to being our top runner this year, Judy also captained the Super Sunday race event which had 31 runners.

Mike Dolan and Cynthia Berger came in second place with 13 points.

It was great to see new club members at the races and to see new runners going out for their first 5K or half marathon! That’s what this is all about.

Running is called a solitary sport and often it is. When a group of us go to a race and spend time together afterwards, it doesn’t feel so solitary. I think many of us got to know each other better this year.

2020 Racing Series Calendar

I have updated the Racing Series Calendar to 2020. Registration for races through April is open.

I have swapped out The Running of the Leprechauns for the Malden Half and 5 Miler. They are on the same day in 2020. Malden gives us two race distances to choose from and allows you to get 5 racing points early in the season.

I removed the Cure SMA 5K in August since the club sponsors the Hallmark Health 5K in August.

The rest of the schedule should remain the same as 2019. Occasionally races get cancelled or change their date and that is how we end up with two races in a month sometimes.

I hope everyone had a great 2019 and I look forward to seeing all of you at our 2020 club races.

Run well my Friends,


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