MRC Race Series 2023 Concluding

December 9th, 2023

The MRC 2023 Racing Series is drawing to a conclusion with one last race on December 17th, The Somerville Jingle Bell 5K.

The top three runners for 2023 are as follows:

Ed Miller10
Christine Derse7
Jeanne Boisseau6

With just the Jingle Bell 5K to go, I don’t expect these results to change very much.

I have been working on the 2024 schedule and several people have suggested races that have not been on our schedule before. The Great Stew Chase moved to February, so we will have two races that month.

In March we are back to Haverhill for the Hill Thrill 5K and 10 Miler. I heard a lot of good things about this race.

In April we will be back in Lynn for the Black Excellence 5K. I ran this race in 2023 and it was well organized and a lot of fun.

In May we are off to Carson Beach in Boston for the Boston AAPI 5K. Not sure about parking, but we may want to work on a carpool for this one.

Registration for the Wicked Frosty Four and Great Stew Chase are open. I’m still waiting on the other race to open registration.

If you have any race suggestions for races June and later, please send your cards and letters!

Run well My Friends,


Summer Update for 2023 Racing Series

September 12th, 2023

It’s been a while since our last update on the racing series.

The big news is that 71 club members have run in at least one racing series race and I think 9 Walk to Run graduates ran the Irish American 5K. Last year 72 club members ran at least one race.

There were a lot of great photos posted to Facebook, so I’ll just include this group photo. We are missing a few runners, but it is rare to get everyone together for a photo 10 minutes before a race!

It was a hot day once again for the Irish American 5K and 10K. Fortunately there was plenty of cold beer and hot dogs after the race. The official food and beverage of summer must be beer and hot dogs!

Once again, MRC cleaned up on the awards with several AG placers. I’ll add the names once I fact check my self!

As far as series standings go, Ed Miller maintained 1st place by running the 10K and accumulating 9 points. Christine Derse maintained 2nd place by running the 5K and accumulating 6 points.

Fall Racing Series into the Winter

Our next race is the Melrose Y Spooky Sprint 5K on Saturday, October 28th 8:30AM. The registration link is live and registration is $30 and $20 for youth 17 and under. So bring the entire family!

Next up is the DAV 5K on Castle Island in South Boston on Saturday, November 11th at Noon. The registration link is live and registration is $40 and $15 for Veterans. It’s a fun race, the after party is great and you are supporting our local Veterans.

Our last race of 2023 is the Somerville Jingle Bell Run 5K. They have not updated the event site from last year, but I wont be concerned for another month.

As you all know, it’s a very popular race and I can’t imagine it would just go away.

2022 Jingle Bell Run 5K, Somerville

In November I’ll begin putting together the 2024 Melrose Racing Series schedule. If you have a race that you would like to see become part of the series, please forward the information to me. Any race on a Saturday during Sunday Long Run seasons gets bonus points!

Run well my Friends,