Back to Normal?

June 8th, 2021

Now that the CDC, Massachusetts and even Cambridge have lifted their COVID restrictions, running is getting back to normal.

Some races have limited the number of runners, may require masks at the start of the race and prices seem to have jumped!

I may have gotten too used to $15 virtual 5Ks. Trying to find a 5K for less than $25 is challenging and $30-40 seems like the range. I’ve seen a few higher than that.

Until the restrictions were lifted, I wasn’t comfortable adding in-person races. Now that authorities are in agreement that we have made substantial progress in the right direction, I will be adding in-person races. They are about all that is available now.

Since we are well into June I only added the Stepping Stones for Stella 5K on June 20th.

I’m looking for a 4th of July race. Lynnfield Athletics has not posted any info yet. Let me know if you have an email from them. Boxford seems too far away for most people – but let me know.

The Stone Zoo continues their series with the Run Wilder 5K and 10K which is a virtual race that you can run any time in July.

For August I added the Black Excellence 5K on the 14th. Many of us ran the virtual version last year.

Nothing for September yet.

In October run the Stone Zoo’s virtual Run Wildest 5K, 10K or Half any time during the month.

Also in October we have the Gold Star 5K and 10K races in Saugus on October 16th.

For November I’ve added the DAV 5K on November 6th. This event raises money to support Veterans and registration is $40, for now.

I’ll be adding more races but wanted to let you know where we are so far.

Run well My Friends!


May Racing Series Updates

May 2nd, 2021

Hi, just a few changes I wanted everyone to know about.

The Gold Star Honor Run 5K/10K has been moved from May to October 16th and will be an in-person race.

I think everyone is rightfully optimistic that we will be pretty much back to normal by then.

The COVID Comeback 5K has moved to May 23rd and will also be an in-person race. The Town of Georgetown has issued the permit and Safe Racing Protocols will be observed.

There is still a virtual race option available through May 15th with registration only $15.

The in-person race is also $15 through May 15th but you can register up to race day. $20 on May16th and $30 on race day.

I have removed the May half marathon from the calendar. Virtual halfs are harder to find and I’m not comfortable adding an in-person only race for May.

I have added a new multi-distance virtual event for June.

The Miles 4 My Community is a nation-wide virtual event.

You can run any of the following distances: 1 mile, 5K, 10K, half-marathon or full marathon.

Registration for any race is $12 through May 9th and goes to $22 on May 10th.

You can only run one race, so no double or triple dipping.

If you are looking to pick up a racing series point, for $12 you can run the 1 mile race. If you want to collect 2 points run the 10K.

A shirt and medal are available for an additional $15.00.

As always, please pass along any race ideas that you have and get out there and run!